Office and commercial building “Solarwind”



Windhof, Luxemburg


In der Laey s.a.


Pawlowski Architectes

Gross floor area:

23.600 m2

Project period:



Use of regenerative energy sources.
The building breaks new ground in the number of used regenerative energy sources. The assortment ranges from geothermal probes for cooling and heating to photovoltaic sails and a pellet stove for the coverage of performance peaks. Also intended is the integration of urban wind power plants.

Our performances:

e3 consult, as DGNB auditor, has been entrusted with the certification and the sustainable optimization of the building project. In collaboration with the owner we set high standards concerning the use of eco- and user-friendly material and control those with the help of an approval procedure and controls at the site.

The building is being certificated according to DGNB, BREEAM and HQE.