p and t kayl

Administration building of the P&T


p and tLocation:

Kayl, Luxemburg


Enterprise of the P&T


Beiler & Francois

Gross floor area:

9.700 m2

Project period:



The modern administration building has got an efficient energy concept adhering Thermo Active Building Systems, adiabatic cooling and light-channeling antiglare shields for the reduction of the illumination energy requirement. Because of the consequent use of low-emission building material the building has set new standards in so far as indoor absence of hazardous substances and ecology of used material is concerned. In the whole building no chemical wood preservation is used.

Our performances:

The owner to counsel the planning team concerning all sustainability issues has entrusted e3consult. In doing so P&T from the beginning has made high demands on the sustainability of the project.
The aim is the achievement of a DGNB cachet in GOLD.