forestry administration diekirch

Forestry administration building


forestry administration diekirchLocation:

Diekirch, Luxemburg


Administration des Bâtiments Publics


Morph4 / Atelier b

Gross floor area:

3.186 m2

Project period:



In the case of the new forestry administration building in Diekirch the ecological concept plays a superordinate role. The aim is the construction of an energy-plus-house and the optimization of the environmental life cycle assessment by the choice of a wood construction.
The cooling system of the administration building operates with the feed from fluvial water. Moreover the heating requirements are minimized by use of a building envelope fulfilling the passive house standard. Because of large photovoltaic areas the solar energy is efficiently used.

Our performances:

e3 consult, as DGNB auditor, by the owner has been entrusted with the certification and the planning accompanying optimization of the project in ecological, economical and sociocultural issues.