espace gregoire

Office, commercial and residential building "Espace Gregoire"


espace gregoireLocation:

Strassenl, Luxemburg


Alpha Properties


Beiler & Francois

Gross floor area:

5.250 m2

Project period:



After the completion the owner will use the office areas for own activities. For that reason he has made high demands on the user-friendliness. That is expressed by the realization of comfortable room acoustics, a good daylight supply and the freedom of access of the building.

Ecological qualities:

To do justice to the following generations aside from the user-friendliness also the ecological quality of the building has been optimized. To this belongs the minimization of the water consumption by use of rainwater, the installation of photovoltaic plants with a capacity of 7,4kWp, as well as the use of ecological building material.

Our performances:

e3 consult, as DGNB auditor, is responsible for the compilation of the certification documents and the mentoring of the planning team in all sustainability issues. The aim is the achievement of a DGNB cachet in GOLD.