life cycle cost

Life cycle cost


In the past the economical contemplation of a building project was predominantly focussed on the height of the building, which primarily determined the costs, while the accumulating expenses during the utilisation phase were disregarded.

But often the operating and maintenance costs exceeded the aboriginal investments after a relatively short time.
Hence today advisements concerning the economic efficiency of buildings in their utilisation phase are often incorporated in the planning phase.

A systematic approach for the optimisation of the economy of buildings is the calculation of Life Cycle Costs (LCC). It determines specific values (capital value) on the base of financial mathematics that afford the comparability of planning variants.
In this way cost drivers can be identified and optimised or even avoided by changing the planning.

In addition, calculations of Life Cycle Costs can plus be used as appliances for the search for an economical alternative for investment decisions (e.g. displacement of technical facilities, use of regenerative energy, etc.).

Beyond that the LCC have been systematically adopted in the building certification frameworks like the  DGNB and BREEAM in order to optimise the validation of the building.


lcc graphic