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Green building material


In the past it was common to use building material without performing an environmental or health tolerance analyses.

Although today many harmful materials are forbidden, the use of several derived timber products, glues and paints is still leading to high interior emission of formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds.

This problem is compounded by the effects often related to the increased air-tightness requirements dictated by energy efficient building codes. Obviously, this can occasionally lead to heavy adverse health effects impacts for the users as well as financial impacts for the investors and owners.

Not least important ecological habitats are often destroyed by the use of non-certified building material which when discovered can lead to embarrassing image lost to builders and financial investors.

Therefore, the planning and control of deployed building material is a high priority for sustainable buildings.
The good news, the use of healthy, low-emission building material is often self-financing and thus an additional value for landlords, investors and users.

We at e3 consult are looking forward to assist you with your building project. Our experts will happily advise you on all ecology material questions.


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