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DGNB city districts


While a building is just expected to have a life cycle of 50 years, the development of a city district can cause repercussions for hundreds of years.

Because of this and because of the fact that in the future an increasing part of the human population will live in cities, the sustainable development of city districts is more and more gaining in importance. So far district planning often is a long-lasting and partially capricious process between local authorities and developers.

In the range of city district certification the German Sustainable building council provides an independent and accredited system. This mainly goes into the ecological, economical, and sociocultural issues as well as technical and process-oriented quality requirements.

Particularly the reduction of the Life Cycle Costs, the amendment of the social infrastructure and the diversity of the districts but also urbanism, traffic and landscape planning are accounted.
To that effect for example the determining factor for the development of buildings and superior concepts like the exposure to energy, water, waste and traffic play an important role.

Districts of DGNB certified projects receive an enhanced image improvement resulting in marketing advantages for the local authorities and investors while providing better services to the community of users.
The DGNB-certification process supports important settings of the agenda for the development of sustainable city districts and creates market and innovation advantages to all of the participants.